About Us

Beem Gang

Having spent so long trying to get to the next level we finally found the final piece of the puzzle, the answer to what we needed, was Beem.

The Beem Gang are a team of gamers, creatives and formula specialists who wanted to finally offer the gaming energy market a product designed by gamers for gamers. Having tried the competition we realised that the authenticity seemed to be missing from the market and that’s exactly what Beem brings. After countless sleepless nights spent finding the right formula and developing an honest user based product, we are finally able to bring Beem to the market and we hope you are as excited as we are.

As a team, Beem is a company which will keep you guessing, whilst providing everything we can for the avid gamers and all our gang members out there. With our heads set on the goal of becoming the biggest clan in the gaming world, it’s time you signed up and joined the journey. With the energy products will come a run of super limited merch which will drop at different times announced via our social media platforms. The merch will be an extremely high quality product and will undoubtedly not be one to miss.